Fresh Breath In A Breeze

Strangely enough no-one teaches you how to keep your breath fresh. It is always just assumed you know. As a dentist for over 40 years I can tell you I have seen some really strange "fresh breath techniques". Well this prompted me to make these products that I know will keep your breath fresh. 

Fresh Breath In A Breeze Product Requirements are really simple. First and foremost they must be non-foaming so that you can clean your tongue, teeth and mouth for at least 30seconds without spitting out. Then they must not contain SLS(detergents). SLS which is in most commercial products causes dryness after use and can actually create mouth ulcers in 5% of the female population. And of course they must all be healthy for your mouth and protect your teeth and gums. Our products tick all these requirements.

BreezeCare Oral Health has been making these amazing products since 1995. We actually have special clinical machinery to test patients and customers who like to come and visit us. If you have questions for us, please get in touch. Enjoy our range, and I am sure you will be amazed by your results.

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